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Hop Infused

Hop Infused 4% ABV

Our vintage cider meets hop in this refreshing mash up of flavours. Curiosity got the better of us when we decided to infuse our award winning cider with a blend of British Challenger, Sterling & Archer hop extracts. It took a few tastings but we hit on the perfect blend that strikes a balance of fruity vintage cider with an aromatic hop aroma and finish. Made in a limited batch – once it’s gone, it really is gone… Well, until next year’s press!

Tasting Notes

Colour: Light Gold
Aroma: Burst of hops
Taste: Medium dry apple, crisp finish
Food: Partner with gourmet burgers, hot dogs and chorizo pizza


  • Just because @recordstoreday has been and gone for 2018, it doesn’t mean that these independent music shops don’t need you anymore - they need you now more than ever! 
We hope that our record store profiles these past few months have either resulted in you visiting your local record store or at least left you thinking you’d like to! 
Remember, people that run these shops are super friendly and they work hard to make you feel as welcome as possible from the minute you walk in the door, including Alison Wressell from Vintage and Vinyl.
➡️ First impression you want to make on people visiting your store: Good wide range of music, friendly, non-judgemental, knowledgeable and helpful.
➡️ Favourite vinyl (classic or newly released): One from my formative year...Prefeb Sprout - Steve Mc Queen.
➡️ What would you say to encourage people into your store to buy vinyl for the first time: We also sell wine, craft beer, and small batch gin - and Pro-Ject turntables if you have a change of heart! .
Vinyl isn’t just for @recordstoreday, it’s for life. Get out there and continue to support independent record stores across the UK that work so hard to bring you new and old music in the timeless format that is vinyl.
#RSD18 #RecordStoreDay #RecordStores #Vinyl #VinylCommunity #Records #Cider #CraftCider #Music
  • Can you believe that after all these months of planning and talking about vinyl, it's @RecordStoreDayUK tomorrow!
Make sure you'll be spending at least part of your Saturday, if not all of it, in an independent record store near you and raise a glass of Friels to the people behind them.
#RSD18 #RecordStoreDay #RecordStores #Vinyl #Cider #Friels #FrielsCider #Independent
  • The countdown is now on until @recordstoreday 2018, this Saturday 21st April. Since becoming Official Cider Partner for this annual event, we've been introducing you to some of the independent record stores we've been working with, to encourage you to get out there and explore your local stores.
If you live in the Leicestershire area, then why not make it your mission to visit @TheAtticAshby this weekend, especially as Owner Ben Duncombe will be putting on quite a show for the big day! Here's a little bit more about Ben and his store...
➡️ First impression you want to make on people visiting your store: Wow this takes me back to proper record stores.
➡️ Favourite vinyl (classic or newly released): My favourite album at the moment is future islands the far field 5 out of 5 all day long.
➡️ What would you say to encourage people into your store to buy vinyl for the first time: I would say come and see it and it speaks for itself. We have 2 listening stations with loads of independent music waiting to be heard. We have a stage for acts to come and perform. Our own events which are always packed out and fun. Our own label “TAAR” which supports bands and acts and shows them how they can make money from the music industry. But mainly “you may not be a  vinyl fan when you enter but you will be when you leave”.
Be sure to check out @TheAtticAshby as they host a number of live acts throughout the day this Saturday all in celebration of @recordstoreday 2018. 
#RSD18 #RecordStoreDay #RecordStores #Vinyl #Cider #Friels #FrielsCider
It’s less than a week until @recordstoreday (21st April) and as Official Cider Partner we want to celebrate by offering an epic bunch of prizes for all you vinyl lovers!
This includes - Limited edition Friels turntables - @regaresearchuk amp and speakers
- £200 record store voucher - 4x cases of Friels vintage cider
For your chance to win, tag below who you’d invite around to spin some vinyl with at your very own @recordstoreday party.
Support independent record stores in the UK and get involved! #RSD18 .
Competition closes on Sunday 22nd April. T&Cs: https:/
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  • We're loving our partnership with @recordstoreday and the launch parties were immense. We've met some great people, discovered some brilliant vinyl and enjoyed a can or two of Friels. Let us know if you sampled a Friels at your local record stores #RSD18 launch party!?
#RecordStoreDay #RecordStores #Vinyl #Cider #CraftCider #FrielsCider #Friels
  • Independent record stores can be found all across the UK, with Scotland having its fair share of shops too. This includes the guys at Assai Records, who we're proud to support as part of @recordstoreday 2018. They don't just have the one store but two - @AssaiRecords in Dundee and @AssaiRecordsEdinburgh in the capital. ➡️ First record store visited: The old Our Price in Dundee's Murraygate, where our manager Andy once worked. My first purchase from there was Erasure's